Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steamboat Gathering

Before I start, random pics here.

my Ban Ban sleeping before class. Ha!

after the interview today, went to the library to play fish-a-fish. lol!

*click to enlarge* :D

Finally, we managed to plan a successful gathering.
It's quite hard to have a gathering which matches with everyone's schedule, transport prob etc.
like finally.. LOL
Ai-Lynn came to my house at 5pm with Ewe Juan and Ken. parked her car at my place and off we go.
Steve reached before us. Lion and the gang were shopping for Little Miss Tees at Prangin Mall.
We cooked first :DD

my meatballs. MUAHAHAHA
meatballs swimming in my stomach in a pool of icecream. LMAO.
okay okay. I'm just kidding, don't close my blog. lolll

Lion's egg. which she proudly presents.

cutest ban :D

Lion was trying to cook this vertically??!!

Faiye's, her two guys, Lion's table.

Mine, Steve's, Sheralyn's, Karen's table.

Carlyn's, Kiew's, Ken's, Ai-Lynn's, Ewe Juan's table. the most peaceful table. with all the peaceful and fun-less peeps :P

LayKiew. I mean LayKiew is that lala.

nah Jagung ice cream XD


Ban and I. with Lion's, Carlyn's, Kiew's lala sign around us.
"Happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to you. "

We left around 8.30pm. & the parking guy didn't allow me to turn left. so I turned right. and idk how to go home. luckily, there's Garmin GPS! =DDD
thank god for my phone. lmao. and found my way out of the dark streets.
I was fetching Ai-Lynn, Ban, Ewe Juan and Ken in my car. no one knows the way. HAHAH
I'm not the only road blind. wooooo~~

♥ Chiayi.


kiew said...

I'M NOT LALA!!!!!!!!! grrrrrr

Yi Pin said...

hi ..
im one of the guys from shun mu's table at the steamboat..just wondering if i could get some of our photos from you, if you havent deleted them yet? haha

bw, nice to see you also use photoshop . . .

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

lol. lala admit lah.

YiPin: my phone there got 2 pics nia i think. get my msn from shunmu. :D