Monday, August 24, 2009

Tap Tap Revenge!

I played Tap Tap for more than 10 times today :P
Now my shoulders are aching like hell. sigh. =/

Shun Mu and I got new goals.
We wanna get 100% on the songs. Since we get 98%,99% all the time :P
See, our percentage are always so close and had to depend on the Streaks to determine the winner. duh.
& we wanna conquer the G.I.JOE song, extreme version. lol! then I will start yelling, ARGHHH!!! 手抽筋了啦~~~!!!! LMAO!

We had lunch at Dave's Deli. then went back to college for the law assignment. Zhu Lian & Nicole came to visit.
Assignment tiringggggggggg . T____T

Karen & Lion playing Tap Tap.

Lion cut her fringe.

they came. and took my phone to camwhore.
I didn't notice until I look up. realized and gave them this look -__________-

her lala hair XP

♥ Chiayi.

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