Thursday, September 10, 2009

090909 - Jon's 19th

After class at 5pm, went home and waited for ChunYang to pick me up.
I was really sick with flu and sore throat. =(

We went to Queensbay to buy Jon's cake.
We looked everywhere for sprays too but to no avail =/
Jusco out of stock.

Ah Yang couldn't give up. HAHA. He called so many friends and asked them to get sprays. but still... none.
He was really determined I tell you. LOL!
He mumbled a lot in the car on the way back to his house.

Yang's kids.

Chia Hao, Yang and I discussed about the surprise plan etc.
Actually, Jon thought that only Yang and I are going to celebrate with him that night. lol.

calling friends to come. lol.

When we wanna choose the birthday hat.
ahyang said: Choose the ugliest one. HAHAHA

Chia Yee came and decided to draw faces on a piece of manila card.
Yang went out to buy markers and saw SPRAYSSSSS. LOL. his wish was granted.

Yang's 艺术品.
if you know what are these, genius! ;P

my Chia Yee. ahahah :D

this is Jon.
look at those lips. LOL

Chia Hao helped.

the top 4 are Jonathansss.
bottom, brown haired Yang and brown haired me.
then Chia Yee.
with specs- Zhe Kang.
so many of us got dimplessss :P

Jon's cake.

After all the preparations, Yang went off to fetch Jon. We were at stand by mode.

He was posing for my camera, then...

I ran for my life. LOL

He took off all his clothes and changed into boxers, knowing that they will push him into the pool.
LOL. if you want the continuous shots of him taking off his clothes, get them from me. XD
Don't worry ahyang, I will send you. hahaha
I rather not post all these obscene pics here. LOLLLL

then Zhe Kang, the next victim. Jiunn Yi and Jon dragging him. LOL

Zhe Kang mourning over his wet wallet. LOL

they had to clean up the mess afterthat. HAHAHA
all those white sprays.

we were starving hence, the cake cutting session

He was giving a speech.
Look at ahyang's facial impression. HAHA
(hungry d lah, faster lah)

then he decided not to care about Jon. LMAO

ugliest cake ever

signing beside his portrait.
*click to enlarge*
Look at what ahyang's pointing

sticking Yang's 艺术品

Zhe Kang showing us his unbreakable specs

Yang explaining the purpose of those 艺术品. crap really. HAHA


another bunch of friends came and we left ahyang's house to Nasi Kandar Pelita.
Yang dropped me back at almost 1am.
ate medicine and bathed.
then the real sufferings came. LOL
Sick till I feel like dying. zzzz

♥ Chiayi.


Jonathan Chong said...

thank you laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...


chun yang said...

stupid jon. blame me for fetching him at 10.

Chia Yi said...

lol. nevermind yang. I help you scold him. HAHA