Friday, September 18, 2009


I think it was Carlyn's idea to wear Green today. or Karen's idea? idk lah. haha
So everyone wore GREEN today. except Sheralyn and Lion.

Sheralyn's excuse: I wanna be the flower among the grass.

Lion's excuse: My Green t-shirt in the other house.
(see, there are a lot of problems having two houses. Seriously. Like she have to put her books in her car in case she sleeps at the wrong house and forgot to bring her book etc. -___-)

okay so yeah. Pics below~
Most of them taken during Moral class's 30 minutes break.
We got the marks for Moral Test 1. phew~ I studied a day before for it 'cause there was another more important test and luckily.. luck was with me ;)

A pic in my camera from I-can't-remember-when. LOL


Ai-Lynn, Karen, LayKiew

flower girl-Sheralyn Ban

ShinDee and Lion

Lion ruined my pic -___-


and Shun Mu. -___-

Ewe Juan

day dreaming -__-


Karen showing us her green tissue

I think I lose my mind for a sec. I acted stupidly with Shun Mu =="

Went to Hot & Roll at QueensBay for lunch

I was sitting on the stool. and everyone took turns to take a picture with me.

not full enough. So they bought McD. lol

and Ai-Lynn was studying for Budgeting test later.

and Shun Mu as usual, with his hand.

got bored waiting for them to finish up their food and vained as usual.

Lion's extra food.
I was like O.M.GGGGG SO OILY!!!!!!!

they were in ShinDee's brother's car.

Lion's ipod and her obsession-the guy.

studying laa~

was trying to ruin their almost-perfect picture :P

LIM CHUN YANG!!!!!!!!! wore GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you, you love me, we are a happy family~~ :D

♥ `em

♥ Chiayi.

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