Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ken's 18th- Surprise Party

Facebook Album Pics- Ken's 18th
More pics there. lol.
Shun Mu actually used my camera and took 400++ pics -_____-
this is the first time I actually appear in so many pics because usually I'm the one holding the camera.
but yesterday, Lion and ShunMu were snatching my camera =="
I was so scared that it will drop to the floor. zzz.

Today is Ken's and of course, his twin brother's actual birthday but due to the additional subject starting this week- Taxation. We got no choice but to celebrate earlier.

Plan was, we told him we are going back to college to do assignment. Karen asked him to fetch her so that she can delay him and "sync" with us at the same time.
We asked him to go INTI at 1pm but you know what, he said he wanna go at 11am. *wipes sweat* plan was nearly ruined =="
thanks to Karen for holding him back again and again. LOL.

I was the first to reach college. as usual lah. these people always late *shakes head* Carlyn, Shun Mu and Kiew reached right on time. Lion, Ai-Lynn and Ban came after that. we went up to the rooftop to "play" while waiting for the food.

before edit-after edit. see.
photoshop make wonders. LOL

I brought my camera necklace.

before, after.
No idea why INTI wanna build that. They call this "Barn Buddy". LMAO

it's really nice up there. lol
the photos results are awesome. lol.

Taken by Shun Mu.

the cake arrived.

our SuperBan :D

we explored. LOL. the other side of the door on the rooftop.

the weird guy aka 怪伯伯.
I can't stand him anymore. argh. especially during lunch today -____-




Photo by Shun Mu.
edited by me :)

again, I'm the only one wearing shoes. duhh -__-

watching f(x)-Lachata Music Video on my phone :DDDDD
Lacha lacha ta ta!

Lion, Ai-Lynn and I

SuperBan in action again

Kiew Kiew Kiew~

all these taken by Shun Mu. lol.

when the wind blows, my hair goes. LOL



I just realised, how come no LayKiew???!!

my necklace saved the day :P
Ai-Lynn's lighter wasn't functioning properly. my camera-fire lighter managed to light a candle!
syok sendiri I know

obviously this was taken by me. got skill~~~~~~~~ XDDDD

Ken arrived with Karen. watch the videos below to see his reaction :P

lol. Imma attention seeker. LOL

He didn't know that they were taking pics of his back. HAHAHAHAHA

Shun Mu climbed on a chair in the cubicle next to us to stalk us!!!!!!!
damn geli la I tell you. raised my head and saw him. nearly yelled. HAHA
you know la, his looks doesn't really help much. HA!

Ken's birthday present.

best portrait of Shun Mu

buy me that bottle pleaseeeeeeeee
hit it and you can hear "piang piang piang"
the sound of a broken glass bottle.

he really thought that we gonna do assignment. HAHAHAHA
speaking about assignment, did I mention that I finish Moral assignment too? XDDDDDDDDD
I'm gonna watch PPS later then study M.A and Budgeting :D

♥ Chiayi.


carlyn said...

HAHAHAHA the sm climb to next cubicle and u look up one... Makes me think of the library today. "看到我好像看到鬼这样" HAHAHAHAHA omg I can't control myself XDXD

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