Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say NO to horror movies.

We had Management Accounting test this morning at 8am.
Finished early so we got around 5 hours 30 minutes break -___-
I wanted to go home, but they all were like..
"YORRR everytime like that eh lah"
"Wanna be alone lah"
"Don't wanna join us lah"

ISH. I got reasons okay. They wanna watch "Where Got Ghost" at Queensbay.
you know, I don't watch horror movies although they insisted that this one is funny not scary. but still..
sigh. 没人了解我的心. LOL.

in the end, they all went to watch without me. it's pretty hard to change my mind once I make a decision and they know me well enough. lols.
I decided to go shopping.
I shopped for around 2 hours. HAHA.
Tried on countless clothes.
and took pics the nice ones to show mummy. :)

we had brunch at Old Town. the ah peks. (plural of ah pek)
of course, all the 淑女 sit at the next table :P

Friday, Budgeting test. Then 2 weeks holidayssssssssssssss!!!
Yay!! like finally :D
but of course, don't expect much. we got two assignments to do -___-

What's with my mood lately. sigh.

♥ Chiayi.

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