Monday, September 21, 2009

Su-Szien's Sweet Sixteen

Went shopping with mummy and sister today. Queensbay.
Met Lion, she got her prom dress already =DD
and Ban Korh with his girlf :P

Bought lots of stuff. New jeans, new shoes, new ear rings, new contact lenses :D

saw this car. ha! simpsons

tada :)

Yesterday, went to Su-Szien's birthday party at her house, at Bukit Mertajam.
Zhu Lian came over and Aaron picked both of us.
We went to AEON first.

Zhu Lian in the converse shop. No size 6. LOL!
in the end, I bought the Red high top today at Queensbay.

Warning: there will be tons of ZhuLian and I below.
I warned you. do not scroll if you don't want to :)

I'm addicted to add the feather thingy to my pics -__- *ignore me* lmao
Aaron and Zhu Lian actually "conned" me into buying a HAIRBAND. WTH??!!
I can't win them on arguing. It was 2 against 1.
so yeah. the hairband on my head. ==
As you guys expected, mum was like "hairband??!". LOL.

we reached Szien's house. some of her friends were there.
Zhu Lian and I felt pretty out of place among the bunch of fifteens. FIFTEENS!! -______-
okay. we felt so old.
they were so young, energetic, and high.
It's hard to explain. hmm.. haha

Aaron with baby Benjamin.

some of them were playing PS2. DDR!

Benjamin o.O
He didn't like me. sigh.
I waved, made faces, laugh, held his hand. but he was totally ignoring me. fineeee.

when the Fifteen year old young girls were playing. Zhu Lian and I got nothing to do, except blowing balloons and camwhoring. LOL
Zhu Lian wanted more pics with me :P

Those two on the sofa. sitting together. they were so cute. HAHA

Zhu Lian bought that.

my SG :P
SG as in... stupid girl. HAHAHAH
I missed those dayss!!!! :DDD

Her friends made this for her. sweet :)
they used a ladder. posed as alphabets and took pics. cute huh?

super crowded. lol

Girls- playing twister

Guys- watching football.
they were yelling, cheering and shouting. lmao
score was 4:3
When Owen made the last goal, their cheers actually made the house shake. LOL!

those heart shapes. =DD

the birthday girl :)

Szien with Zhu Lian

♥ Chiayi.


kiew said...

wei u wear dress very pretty laaaaaaaa!!!! u should wear more!!!
laykiew lee likes this *thumbs up*

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

since u all always wanna like, (I know you all like me la XP). I added the "like" eh reaction there below the blog post. LMAO

carlyn said...


zk said...

WTH! first time see you in this style..HAHA..^.^

denise said...

you look so pretty mum!! so different!! wa sukaaaaa!! wear more..!!! hahahahha. so nice la. yoh!

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

LOLLLL???!!!! so many comments so fast???!!

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

you all forgot the fact that I'm a girl :(

Raff-chan :-) said...

2nd photo:ahh,converse.I want them too,but black or grey ;))
and HB to Szien ^^ this dress is so wondeful.!! <3

Anonymous said...

see seE sEE SEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! you wear dress so pretty, some more say what, arm so fat la, what wear d ugly la.... you look so SWEET you know.. *PHEWWIT* wear more laa.


denise said...

no ma. so not you ma. hehe! u look damn pretty ok!!

Bu Liu Ming said...

drop by to say: agree with denise.. look so nice n sweet. bernice said u r so hawt.. haha

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

LOLLLL. those normally dont leave comments also come and leave. aiyoo. gam dong si.
thanks everyone. haha

Bu Liu Ming said...