Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tired. zzz

blablabla. still busy with tests and assignment. can't decide whether to do assignment or study for tests. LOL.
moral how???!!! damn worried. =/
we stayed back from 1 to 4 smth to study.
including a few rounds of Jam Legend tho. HAHA

I wanted to help Carlyn level up in Jam Legend.
so I used her account and play Canon Rock.
manatau. I BROKE MY OWN HIGH SCORE RECORD, while I'm NOT using my own account -____-
700 STREAKSSSSSSSS!!!! AHHHHHH!!! I helped her get 192,360 marks while my high score only 188k.

UPDATE: WHEEEEEEEEEE~~~~ I just got 193,294 marks. LMAO. nevermind, at least higher than Carlyn d, gam guan go study d :P but still lower than Aaron (annoyed)

went Queensbay for dinner last weekend. and saw this in Jusco. cute rightt

went to Alor Setar, grandma's house yesterday.
So I didn't do law assignment for 2 days d.
I assume that I still got time. LOL.
focus on FA and moral tests first.

♥ Chiayi.

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