Sunday, September 06, 2009


Finally, after 2 days of work. argh.
However, this is probably the easiest job I've ever done. lol
Giving out Cadbury chocolates.
the tough part is standing for more than 8 hours =(
but for money's sake. it's worth it I think.
1 day's salary for 1 pair of Converse shoes. LOL

legs aching now.
and pia-ing assignment cause I haven't been doing assignment for the past 2 days. no life ahh. zzz...

chocs chocs chocs.
I love it when those kids say "thank you jie jie".
awww. they are so adorable!!! :DDDD
a cute lil boy even came back and ask for 1 more to give his little sister. so cuteeeee.

mummy bought this for us.
I found Haribo in Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =DDDDDDD
buy me Haribo and I will love you :)
till now, still can't find size 6 Red Converse trainers. wth -___-
gp and qb both no Size 6 T___T

p.s. Gambate to all classmates, chill la you all. Assignment nia ma. LOL!!! xxx.
Don't keep on ask people to kill you all kay -___-

♥ Chiayi.


Raff-chan :-) said...

Dairy Milk,yuuum.!! *_*
don't worry,I've got problem with Converse too -____- there isn't any Converse shop in Poland(DAMN ;/) and maybe I must buy them on online shop =.="

Chin Wei said...

Try find the red converse in butterworth Jusco.
I love converse!