Thursday, October 08, 2009


I'm bored and sick of assignments so here I am ;)

Today, during F.A. class, ZhuLian called me.
I was like, "this girl, knowing that I'm in class still wanna call!"
So I picked up and whispered to the receiver, "in class!"
then I texted her telling her that I'm in class in case she didn't hear me.

After a minute, she called again. Karen asked me to pick it up. Sorry Mr.Kee =X
CY: I'm in class.
A guy: Hello?
CY: *confused look at Karen, Carlyn, Kiew* Who are you? (I was actually thinking that it's Fu Sheng trying to prank me or something. LMAO. but the voice is much more polite. so... HAHA)
Guy: Do you know the owner of this phone? She dropped her phone. Can you ask her to call back?
CY: yeah yeah. okay okay.
*then turns and tell story to everyone while texting Nicole to find ZL*

THEN, everyone started to imagine about those drama scenes. fated guy picked the girl's phone. exchange number. and this is a good guy. who wanna return the phone. blablabla. anticipating about how the story gonna end.
Nicole texted me back later. saying that there's no story due to some "reasons". -___-


♥ Chiayi.


kenwooi said...

lol.. dramas.. are fake =P

Irenelim said...

How does the story progress? So fast end liao... no happy ending ler... :)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha nothing. no story. disappointed =/