Sunday, October 25, 2009


Why the title above? it's my ear. right ear to be precise. T__T
It was painful for the whole night and I can't sleep well.
After Budgeting finals this morning, went to the clinic and doctor said: Ear infection =/
Got antibiotics and I forgot to eat them after lunch -___- until like 30mins-45mins after.
At least I still remember! LOL.
being me, I never remember to eat meds =="
classmates ah, pls remind me after lunch kay? haha :D

Then studied Taxation and tried to do the assessment thingy.
but got a little bored and started playing.
eg: taking random photos.
my hoodie. mum was hanging this up to dry.

JoJo-SHINee :D


my old compact camera. lol!

experimenting on shutter speed and aperture. haha. i like the pic above :D

and of course. my phone :DDD

one of my fave necklace
I wanted to study afterthat, but something held me back on Facebook.
Thanks to "dragon grass skirt". It was the funniest thing and I've never laughed so much in front of a computer screen before. AHAHAH


Night, went to Sakae Sushi for dinner.
Daddy wanted to try. and honestly, we will never go back again. lol!



Got home and watched Taking of Pelham 123 with mum and sister.
Taxation books opened all over the table but who cares. I need a break.
painful ears :(
LOL. excuses I know -___-

Cousin dropped by and gave us J Co. baby donuts!!!! :DDDDD

♥ Chiayi.