Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In class

The Maxis Broadband thingy we got at Egate

 with Shindee :)

crowded toilet. HAHA

playing Tap Tap Revenge on Carlyn's iPhone.

Shindee eating ; and why did I took off my shoe? LOL. coz Lion wanted to wear -__-

trying on Shindee's .

trying to be taller; FAILED.

SZEJAN!! LOLL. showing my friends this. and told them. I'm not gonna play d. no way I'm gonna win the King. my record is 50 by the way :D

Trying DIGI's 3G in class. LOLL.

While Ewe Juan was studying,.. I was.... *points below*

playing Tap Tap Revenge -__-


Lion looking at Karen; Karen looking at Lion; I was eating biscuit; Carlyn playing with the phone; LayKiew idk what she's doing. HAHAHA

nahh center of attraction lah. SHINDEE! haha!
the rest, playing with digi 3G ==

According to Ban, she was stretching.

My phone no 3G yet =/ was searching and looking throught the settings. ;  Mr Tan CK, our law lecturer ;)

Everyone posing. learnt from ShunMu. his signature pose.

ShunMu; Ken

LOL. wth. haha. Looking at Lion's answer+doing Law+Facebook mobile+pose for the camera.

LALA everywhere~~~~
Carlyn posing as flower. LMAO

:DDD Starbucks tissue. haha

tissue as flag. our tour guide.

showing Carlyn a girl's pic on Facebook mobile.

 The Tens :) without the two guys

Our class is fun! no? haha :DD

♥ Chiayi.

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Jang Heng said...

10 girls without guys but crazy with popstars, just like my sister and her friends.. lol