Thursday, October 22, 2009


quick update.
Went to Salsas with my MMD for lunch yesterday.
MMD= Ma ma dear :DD that's what I call my mum.

did not bring a camera. Hence, the poor quality of pics.
The food was good :D

randoms in class:

guess who? HAHAHAHA Carlyn's art. lol!

the battery is almost dead =/

Lion's lame prank. she held Ban's hair for a few minutes waiting for Ban to move and felt that her hair was being pulled by someone -__-

Mamee monster sticker. Ken's prank. lol
Guess I won't update my blog that frequent.
FA Assessment tomorrow.
Budgeting finals Saturday.

Next wednesday: MA Assessment
Thursday: FA Finals
Friday: M.A trials,
Tax assessment deadline

Following week,
Tax finals,
MA finals,
Moral finals


wish me luck? lol
♥ Chiayi.

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