Saturday, October 03, 2009


I can't sleep =/
It's 2.10am already. *hits head to wall* guaranteed headache tomorrow. sigh
Today, picked up stuff from Caryne then went home then went Lion's house then went home then waited for ZhuLian then went for dinner then went E&O.

hmmm. story was.. went to kaypo and see them before they go to prom. Waited for them for so long in the car -__-


Lion temporary straighten her hair! so nicee!

ShinDee the leng lui :D

then I waited for ZhuLian and Nicole for dinner.
We went for dinner at ... (omg. i forgot the name of the place -__-)
We were talking and laughing like nobody's business. Seriously, it was crazy. LOL!!

then, ZhuLian wanted to go meet Lion and the gang.
She was like I WANNA SEE!!!
So stupid enough, we parked very far away and walked to E&O, then sat at the lobby day dreaming -__- WTH?!
I told them, I need to dig a hole to hide inside. =="

then these two were like, let's go for a walk.
Chiayi: yeah right. -__-
then we stood there and Lion they all came out. talked for a while and we left.
congrats Adelyn on prom queen :DDDD she looked so gorgeous!!

p.s. Kenneth! you were too late. boo! see ya next time. ha!

♥ Chiayi.

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YULI said...

look good! nice!:)