Friday, November 20, 2009

091119 Mum's birthday

We went to Gurney.

I was.. studying while waiting for food -___- I hate you Law. T_T

I insisted that we go to the playground. LOL. I haven't play the swing for quite some time already =|

sister :D

my new ear stud. HA!! super excited. this one is shining enough. that's my sister's ear anyway. LOL

Chia Lynn.
Aaron, I know you gonna comment again. Whenever my sister appears in my blog -__-

SNOW GLOBES!!!!! my lovesss!!! =DDDD

We went to Sushi King afterthat. for the 20% during 3pm-5pm thingy. ha!

♥ Chiayi.


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CooolKidz said...

my brother is like you,

he show no fear to insects but fear animals like dogs.


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