Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just got home from Queensbay.
no pics again. too lazy to bring camera lately. lol

Went over to Jon's house and had lunch then meet up with Steve at Queensbay.
Met Lion too ♥♥♥

I booked the tickets earlier already. so we don't have to queue at the oh-my-god-so-long-queue and went straight to the reservation counter.
For some reasons. I actually booked double :P
So the first one were not good seats. I gave another reservation and tada! good seats :)
ChunYang wanted to give me a surprise or something -__- which didnt work in the end. HAHA
coz Jon was like er... Yang is coming. when we were buying tickets.
okay. the heart counts. lmao.

back to this movie.
THIS MOVIE IS AWESOMEEEEEE!! I'm not giving any spoilers here coz it's a MUST WATCH! just go and watch! trust me! =DDDDDDD
I just love everything about this movie!
Just as I love "The Day After Tomorrow". lol!

♥ Chiayi.

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