Friday, November 27, 2009


This post is 4days late. LOL. I went to Starbucks with sister coz she wanted Starbucks. and I'm a good sister. Studied for a few hours there and Carlyn the lazy bum was too lazy to come meet me. =/

So tempted to read this book instead of Law. nevermind. Aaron helped me to find the ebook already anyway :D


Percy Jackson yo!

Jeremyyyyyy! the show ended T___T ;  JAMES PATTERSON!! I'm gonna go Borders everyday after Law if I can't find ebook versions of these books.

my sister -__- VICTORY LA. GAO LA.

Signature Hot Chocolate. my current fave.

my sister brought tuition work to do. but cheh. ended up reading Percy Jackson.

Canon 450D, my camera is still on the list. lol!

Xunxian Chong like this pic.
Clement Long like this pic.
SzeJan Lim like this pic.
Kel Lim like this pic.
My profile pic on Facebook for 2 days. -__-

Sister: NAH proof that you are not studying!
Me: ==" who cares. lalala~

Went to Sushi King around 3pm. for the 20% discount thingy. lol!

Learned from Lion .
the picture says: SLAP ME.
LOL. I feel like slapping myself too. HAHA
AHAH LeeHyori U-Go-Girl pose.

We took tons of pics there. the too stupid ones. I'm not gonna post here. HAHA
We played so much until the waiter asked me, you like photography? when he was counting the plates.

I like this pic. dont know why. lol

Christmas! Christmas!! Who wanna celebrate with me? =DDDDD
I'm going KL on Dec12. Uncle just asked me not to come back Penang until my holidays over.
hmmm.. still thinking. lol.
Pro and cons. There's a mall next to his condo wey! literally!
ahhhh! walk to Borders everyday. awesomeee.
and I love staying with them honestly. lolll.

♥ Chiayi.


kenwooi said...

nice outing..
aiya.. i so long didnt eat sushi king edy.. haha..
btw, nice pictures =)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

thanks :D

carlyn said...

Not that I don't wanna go, just that I just woke up and haven't have lunch and haven't bath when I reply ur msg. LOL

Nicholas Chan said...

omggg . look at the big slice of salmon!!!

Jonathan Chong said...

chabo ar chabo !
my holiday very the sien !
i shall get all James Patterson's book from u =)
ada Twilight trilogy eh book boh ?

Raff-chan :-) said...

oh,I see you guys in Malaysia began to celebrate Christmas ;))

CooolKidz said...

shit i forget help you download.

CooolKidz said...

i've been very forgetful recently. sigh

Sarah said...

I don't know about Malaysia but in America there is a James Patterson commercial on TV. He says buy my new book "I, Alex Cross" If you don't I'll kill off Alex Cross. Its funny. Your mall is decorated so pretty! Glad you and your sister can have good time together.

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

yes jon. I will send u. I got all. Lol

Carlyn,excuses. Lol

Nicholas, yeahhh really fresh and yummy. =D

Sarah, wow!! Hhahaha we dont have commercials like this. Lol

Aaron, its okay. Now u rmbr right? Lol. I always forget things also la. Not big deal.