Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Poker King!

We watched Poker King at 12.10pm today. then went back to college for Law class.
I love Stephy Tang!!! :DD
and this show is so hilarious. haha *thumbs up* !!! It's a must watch!

too short lah today. 7 nia.



We had McD. Met Melvin and Ivan there :)

ShinDee & I

with Mr. Tan CK
Alot of them were absent. lol

Sheralyn Ban
all taken by ShunMu.

haha. We were all excited/anxious to know/disbelieving. coz *ahem ahem* told us something and we found out another story. LOLL

discussing where to go after Moral finals.

Lion; and the rest. Lion and ShunMu were in the other lift -__-

Shindee and I

talking about palm reading. lol

Lion King

ignored everyone and started vaining

about the ahem ahem story again

Shindee and Carlyn.

♥ Chiayi.

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