Monday, December 21, 2009

5Science1 - Class Reunion

Today is a busy day.
I'm feeling much better, just a lil blocked nose but that's alright.
Went to CDK with sister to get her exercise books. Fion and Vanessa met us there and I brought both of them back home. :)
ohya, brought them to visit INTI before that. haha! Fion likes my college. 
Evening, dropped them back, Fion and I went to Little Cottage for class reunion.
I never attend our high school class reunion. they had like 6 already? lol. =X sorry.

I brought my lil Patrick along :)

Fion's sunflower themed house. loll. I totally blend in there today.

Bubbly. calm down.
Poor Bubbly. always get hugged away whenever I go to Fion's house just in time for me to run upstairs. HAHA. sorry Bubbly.
I'm protected. ;)

while Fion was playing on her own. -.- duh. haha. we were waiting for her mum.


Fion Gan :)

prolly like my closest friend in high school.




Little Cottage

omg la wei. our monitor has a NAMELIST???!!!!
and okay. I attended the 2007 apartment stay. now is like my 2nd time. HAHA
find my name. lol. somewhere around the middle.

hello peeps. :)



behind the scenes.

 the best asst. monitor. really the best I assure you.

Geraldine, Debbie, Fion and I. ||  Fion and Geraldine.

 First time introducing: AiYin, EeMei, Geraldine, Debbie; KahKah, WeiYun, PhooiMun.



 group pic yo!

♥ Chiayi.