Tuesday, December 01, 2009


HAHHAHAHAHAHA I don't know if you guys know how I feel now. but SUPER HYPER CRAZY HIGH HAPPY.
Law was okay. doubts about a few questions tho. lol.
anyway, it's over!!
Had lunch at Queensbay Manhattan Fish Market with sister and the tens.
They are watching New Moon now. I came back with my sis. Ready to PPS! ha!

by the way, classmates provided me with an info to blog about.
Just now on the other end of the long table (coz we are quite a big number, lol), Shun Mu asked the waitress.

"Where is mine??"

the waitress was like ???!!!
"What is yours??"

lmao. ShunMu's food wasn't served even when my food came. (I was the last to arrive coz I went home and bathed and picked sister)

Ken was like, the story can go like this.

"Where is mine??"
*waitress jumps on lap* "I am yours!"


♥ Chiayi.

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