Sunday, December 27, 2009


Update: click here and here too. lol. also pics of toys. -__-

Mum was cleaning up stuff in my room and clearing some drawers.
So, these are some of the interesting stuff. :) in my room. There are BETTER stuff in the Toy Room but oh well.. next time when mum cleans the toy room. HAHA
When I look at all these, I really got no idea where all these comes from and how they accumulated over time. gosh. The pics below are only part of those stuff. so you can imagine. hmmm..
My sister and I are the kind of people who refuse to throw stuff away and keep them for no reason. Not like we gonna take them out to use/play/look.

Harry Potter stuff. Got it when I pre-ordered the book and went to collect. My fave thing is the Wand. lol

ahhahah my sister's old pins. some of mine in there too.

It is used to put on the back of your pencil. lol

           Sister's Hong Kong light thingy; and this. idk what. it looks cute.

The Microsoft "mouse". Laser light actually. lol. Mummy asked me to put the Canon lense cover to show its size in comparison.

woah Ancient. lol

Death Note keychains.

Sister's OLD boyfriend. loll.

I made this! :))

Seriously, amazed by the amount of Pokemon, Digimon stuff we got. Scroll on.

Sister used to be crazy over Powerpuff Girls. esp, Blossom

Sister's stuff again.


to see the insides.

THIS BICYCLE IS REALLY CUTE. It's in my so-called treasure box. LMAO

My Pokedex. It still works. Amazing. loll.
Gives you all info about Pokemons. in case you bump into them on the road. HAHA
It was for Gameboy Pokemon games actually.
This thing is quite expensive.RM100 or so. lol

Guess what is this?

dorky. Made this at Wisma Pandu Puteri.

Woah. lagi ancient. Can't believe I played this in primary school while my sister was already drooling over Korean guys that time and plays Gunbound.

My Seni work. lol

Have a look. I prolly can open an account on eBay and sell all this new and unused notebooks.
My sister keeps them for god knows what reasons. lol

From my cousin.

my little collection.

This is really cool. alot of board games. you name it. just scroll and the page changes. :)

my collection again.

ah! love this! should bring it to college next time to play.

Robocop right? It's a pencil. :D


Guitar with light from yuyu. ; and my first tamagochi.

Used to display all these in my room with the airplanes above. but it collects dust. so yeah. lol

From daddy of course. Shangri-La keychain; and Mr.Kentucky.


 Found these old pics from previous posts. books and board games :))

♥ Chiayi.


kumfye said...

so many toys huh...all still in good condition...i like those pokemon things...nice

meery xmas

Raff-chan :-) said...

I see you were a fan of Pokemons ;D
pika pika pikachuuuu! ^.^

Hobart Lim said...

i have the game master thing! or at least, one of it! ahah!

zhenglik said...

Pokedex is damn cool.
Next time use it on your friends.
see whether it works...