Sunday, December 06, 2009

PC Fair Day 2

Yesterday, sales was triple the first day's sales. but still the supervisors were not happy. zzz. I pity those salesmen, early morning kena cham cham during briefing.

everyone entertained themselves. lol
when we are busy, really busy. when free, free till i dont know how to describe. lol


Carlyn and ShinDee they all downstairs got Chicken Rice. ISHHHH

I want theseeee. colourful :)

nice niceee. bringing it later again. ha!

2 boss mia phone. same as mine. loll!

*points at desktop* next to us eh, thanks! loll. get to watch some movie trailers. loll

AND Carlyn they all got Fried Rice and Fried Chicken. ISHHH
the chicken chop story on Friday was because one of the accounts bf is in charge of getting the food. so Carlyn and ShinDee they all oso get to eat holiao together.

and before going home, I was sure that I printed the details report but the listing girl said no. T___T
we were looking up and down everywhere and finally gave up. but I was so sure I did! ISH I rmbr I passed to her already eh :((

then, went to my car. MY CAR CANNOT START. T____T
Lion was so kind to accompany me til my dad comes.
long story afterthat. zzz
What a day.

♥ Chiayi.

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