Friday, December 04, 2009

PC Fair

Sister and family went to Queensbay for the Converse Warehouse sale. lol!

ha! mummy bought me these. for me to eat tomorrow. HAHA
my sis chose them for me :D

Worked today.
My job: accept credit card. full payment.
Lion's job. credit card. installment.
that means, no customer = nothing to do.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz -________-

and we were outside. corridor.
Carlyn and Shindee inside the auditorium. obviously, they got more customers. because most people walk all the way comparing price then buy it in the end. no one buys at the corridor booth. LOL
so, they got better dinner than us. ISH. *read below*

around evening. when the salesman got tired. see how they sat. HAHA

really bored until. @.@

the white one. my machine.


our lunch.
forgot to take dinner's pic.
AND. really unfair (annoyed).
Carlyn they all inside the auditorium mia had chicken chop for dinner T__T
we had rice, two types of meat and veggie nia. ishhh

obviously, i was really bored. how many pics of machines already? lol!
AND. I wanna buy 4gb pendrive. price?
I can't walk around pc fair :(

thanks for filling up part of my yawning time. lol!

♥ Chiayi.


carlyn said...

LOL not because our sales is good lah. got 2 sets of meal one.
our lunch is sucks i tell u.
malay food. zzzz
the other booth downstair got the same with urs for lunch and dinner.
idk why ours diff one. HAHA
btw the fries sucks. just to tempt u only haaaa! the fries macam stone like that =.=

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

k lo. u all good la. so busy. i 打苍蝇. hope that tomoro busier. if not i really yawn til jaw drop.

Eric Oye said...

Hi chia yi,

Great work, tomorrow must work harder ya, but rest more the way...i'm eric...tomorrow i will be going to pc fair...hope to see u there...see ya

CooolKidz said...

eh nice weih the shoes!

I went there yesterday, most of the stuff wanna sell out dee. zzzzz

i bought a converse boots for my bro for his horse riding one! XDD