Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

 Went back INTI to take results. FULL DISTINCTION!!! awesomeeeee :))))

What is this TV for? at lvl2 & 3. lol. not sure if every floor has it. didn't go see. 

This stall. Yong Chow Fried Rice! thumbs up!! :))

We watched Sherlock Holmes.

KITSCHEN in queensbay??!! awesomeeee.


♥ Chiayi.


Raff-chan :-) said...

Lovely Converse bag,I really want that :D What a pity there isn't any Converse shop at my city :((

Silvestre said...

do you k'now,you are so prety?
and u have very nice blog :)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

Raff: that's my friend's. aww. you should go somewhere else to get one :)

Silvestre: thanks! :))