Thursday, December 03, 2009


 Watched this on PPS.
The Santa Clause series-Tim Allen is one of my faves. but too bad. I can't find Santa Clause 1. T__T
I lost my Santa Clause 1's VCD long ago. zzz

Watched 500 Days of Summer on PPS too. :)
I kinda like this movie altho it's not one of the most interesting movie.
Because the point behind this movie is priceless. lol!

and also Home Alone. I nearly cried in the end. :/
Gonna watch the whole home alone series later. 10 different movies I think.

Halfway through. Watched before and forgot so I'm gonna watch again.

This one, I'm gonna watch later. :)
It's a new korean drama replacing You're Beautiful.
and the title of the drama attracts me.
"Will it Snow For Christmas?"
Anything to do with Christmas attracts me. LOL

求婚大作战. haha. Watched a few eps before but did not continue. So I'm gonna watch again now, since I got nothing but FREE TIME! HAHA

Some people used to ask me what are the chinese names of the movies/dramas so they can find it on PPStream.
It's easy. Just remember that Google is God.
type the name of the show and add the word 电影.
the results will appear in chinese plus the name of the movie in chinese.
Don't go adding 华语名 behind the show name. LMAO

Gonna work at PC Fair tomorrow :)
Intro me any nice series/movies/dramas/whatever :DD

♥ Chiayi.

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