Friday, December 11, 2009


Brought sister to Tesco just now for lunch and we gotta buy stuff for the KL trip. Junk food :P

our lunch. Fried Rice and Char Mi Sua.

Anyone tried this? Is it nice? Ferrero Rendnoir?

My favourite! HARIBO!!

bought this container. if only you can guess what we gonna use it for ;)

buying Yogurt. a little treat for ourselves.

no, we didn't buy milk. lol

and def not this. lol
these pictures are just taken for fun.
As stated in previous post, I won't be updating my blog for 5 days unless I'm really desperate until I use my phone to update. lol.
I will prolly just update my Twitter and Plurk :)
Stay tuned until I'm back from KL.


CooolKidz said...

Ferrero Rendnoir NAIS!

why wont update? got me update kan :P

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

really nicee ah? Buy for me then. Ahahah.
And wey. Dont touch my blog (annoyed)

Raff-chan :-) said...

Ferrero Rendnoir is better than Ferrero Rocher.But it's only my opinion ^^
I didn't know that there is Tesco in Malaysia,too :P

~vy said...

It's not Rendnoir, but Rondnoir, means black circle. And it's good :p

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

ohh haha okayy. Will try next time :D