Sunday, December 20, 2009


Was working yesterday and today at Sunshine City, Times Square. It's a two-day project. promoter job as usual. Giving out Tiger Biscuits samples.
The place I was standing wasn't the crowded spot according to the guard. Made friends with a few guards, they are really nice.
Really grateful that my legs don't even hurt from standing for 9hours. Thanks to the KL Shopping Trip. haha.
Today, Sunshine City was really cold. cold as in freezing kind of cold. Two guards were sick/flu. the people working beside me were rubbing their hands. I had flu/running nose. DIE T_T
I don't know how I survived for hours.
Evening, after dinner, one of the guards who were also sick gave me his extra panadol to put inside my water to drink. Nice people. They are really kind. An hour later, another guard offered me another pandol. loll.
They kept saying:" kesian ahmoi.." lol
When I was just about to go home just now, they offered to help me carry my stuff. 人间有温情. hahaha.
Ohya, when dad came to pick me up, mummy prepared hot milo in the car for me. awww. Love you guys! :DD
I'm feeling much better now. off to bed. nights :)

I will update pics tomorrow. Fion coming over. Yay! and going to Little Cottage at night.




♥ Chiayi.

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