Sunday, January 17, 2010

100117 Lion's Surprise Party

We gathered at Ai-Lynn's house this morning.
LayKiew contacted Lion's sister and all for the surprise. So that Lion will be in this house today but not the other house. lol. Just in case we go to the wrong house and she's in the town house. whatevs. LOL

Ken was trying to avoid cctvs and the laser thingy but apparently. CCTVs are like everywhere, every angle. HA

I like this!

The black laser thingy. so many of them! lol. you walk past them and there will be a ringing sound in the house.

going to Lion's.

Outside Lion's house. around the corner. We dare not go near or talk loudly. zzz

Carlyn's Happi Birdday tshirt

Waiting for the usual latecomers. ShinDee & Ah Ban
Ah Ban just reached so she's in the pic.

AH BAN. late as usual. loll

LayKiew and ShunMu havta go to work later.
I didn't go to work d. ha! for Lion and because my shoulder aches like hell.

We waited until we decided not to wait for ShinDee. lol
Lion's sister told us she's upstairs so we ran into her house and hid in the kitchen.
Her sister asked her to take something from the kitchen before going out and she walked in, we yelled. SURPRISEEEE. look at her dumbstruck face below. HAHAHAHAH

She was singing when she walked in. Feeling super embarassed she sat on the floor. LMAO

The first to turn 19 in our group. HAHA
Tan Yee Ching yo! the oldest yo!

Lion as a present for Lion. and another white purse. I forgot to take a proper pic of it. next time!

so cute !

All of us :))

our mama cutting cake as usual. her job.

Sheralyn Ban bought us these from singapore. cupcakes lip glosses

and watch the video! HAHAHA

We knew she was emo last night because she told her sister she wanna go out today and her sister told her mum and her mum helped us. Her mother did not wanna let her go out. Ha! :P
She was sad that almost all of us are working and no time for her. awwww. LOVE YOU LION :DDD

and oh, Happy Birthday TaeGoon and KangIn :)
and also LeeYip, EuSern and David. lol


KwOnG FeI said...

the part where you friend sat on the floor out of sudden was funnY~

CooolKidz said...

omgsh her house so coool. all those surveillance techs!

Xiaopei said...

Hahaha. Funny.

Her house's security is sooooo tight. :)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha yup. Cool right. Inside the house got cctv oso. Her dad at office watching. Coz when we were at her living room last time playing and all. She told us her dad might be watching. Lolll

zhenglik said...

(Y) to the video