Thursday, January 07, 2010

Genting Highlands Day 2 & 3

Second day! best day ever!
I was very energetic and hyper because I slept at 9smth the night before. HA HA. while the others were playing like crazy til midnight. 
It was so worthwhile. LayKiew got us "buy 1 free 1" vouchers. so we paid RM25.50 for Outdoor and Indoor theme park. awesome? ha
and everyone is at school so we practically owned the theme park. lol!
No queues/short queues. I don't think we ever queued for more than 5 minutes. LOL
We went on Spinner 3 times, Flying Dragon 2 times, Corkscrew 2 times, Venice Gondola 2 times, Cyclone, Flying Jumbo, Spaceshot, Double Deck Carousel, Pirate Ship, Pirate Train, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Bumper Car,  Matahari, Ferris Wheel, Rio Float.
Went to the Dinosaur Land, Archery and the X-pedition Wall. lol. scroll down for pics. HAHA.

Warning: this post is super longggggg.

Forgot whose ShinRamen. lol


ShinDee went inside the bus. loll

Our first ride: Flying Jumbo
So hard to take pics for them. lol. hard to control my own elephant. and their elephant went up and down. zzzz
fishy yo. lol

Next ride: Cyclone.


Next! my favourite!! Spinner!!

 We went for the Double Deck Carousel afterthat.


The carousel was really slow. and we were like high for no reason up there. HAHA.
LayKiew, Carlyn, Lion and I went on the Ferris Wheel/Matahari. stupid name. HAHA
anyway, we were up there and waving to ShunMu who was queuing for Space shot. then I spotted ShinDee and Sheralyn down there. We yelled for them but they can't hear us, obviously. duh. haha.
Paparazzi shots.

Lion and I

nah the ahpeks down there waving. We waved back and other people in the queue thought we were waving to them ._.

I love these sets of pics. haha

If you are observant enough, you will realize that ShinDee is eating in almost every pic ;P

The cutest.

Space Shot

I don't think my heart can stand the pressure from shooting up and down. LOL. So i didn't play. Just like pirate ship. I hate that feeling, like you r gonna vomit all your inner organs out. zzz

Me. ShinDee

More pics on Facebook. lol.

They didn't wanna play.

no pics because everyone was in it. lol


There were so many people hugging bears walking here and there.
So we decided to try these games. BUT. T___T you know, it's not easy. -.-

Had lunch


Going for the Rolling Thunder Mine Train

and the mist came out.

they were on the pirate ship.

selca taken while waiting for them to get down from that ship. LOL
and that bear. super cute right?

Hooking these ducks are easy. Getting the "right" duck ain't easy.
Most of the ducks have "0" labeled under. You need to get a duck with 1,2 or 3 to get a bear.
3 is the biggest bear. The white one above.
and we were like considering whether it's worth it to try. but alot of people get 0.
BUT, there's this boy with another boy and two girls. He never get 0. crazy psychic huh?
He got 6 bears in total. I couldn't believe my eyes.
I was like "don't tell me this duck got a number again"
and then, the workers took the duck and said "2!!!!"
and they happily left with 3 small bears, 2 medium bears and a big bear. =O
They don't look like locals tho. maybe HongKong or something. idk.
ShinDee said that they must be 养小鬼. LMAO. like breeding little ghosts.

Dinosaur Land. ShunMu insisted to go in there. -___-

I never really think that my hair is long until I look at pictures like these. lol

on the boat


nah. Granted ShunMu's wish. He wanna see dinosaurs. lollll

Waiting for Corkscrew to open. 2nd round yo!

While I was away on the Corkscrew. They sabotaged my camera -___-

The sun came out for a moment so we ate ice creams. lol

Love this pic!

Going for Pirate Ship second round. zzz

attention seeker Ban. HAHA

While waiting for them on the ship, Again. lol!

more pics on FB. lol. sien d. upload til I'm super tired now.

Back in the room. bathed and played Truth or Dare before going out for dinner.

It was on a
According to Carlyn's iPhone.


we were supposed to act emo -_-
If you are wondering why we are sitting outside, lol, we were waiting for our lenglui, ShinDee to make up and blow her hair.

dinner. Wantan Mee

Them and the skeletonman. lol. ; We were on the indoor Ferris Wheel.

Even harder to take their pics. LOL

Me and my never ending selca pics. LOL

on the Venice Gondola. We went on this twice. Because ShunMu, Me, Carlyn, LayKiew did not manage to toss the coin into the bowl. We were so disappointed when we made our wish and the coin dropped into the water :((

Finally!!!! loll. we were shouting/yelling/clapping. HAHAHHA everyone was looking at us. LOL

Rio Float. We took the Dragon. His name is 龙哥! long kor. HAHA

Our gorgeous dragon. haha

This one is nice too.

ShinDee and her ice cream. lol.

Day 3


So this is how Genting looks like. lol. awesome miniature.

Had brunch at Lobby Cafe.
I had flu so I took medicine and slept dead on the way back. was totally blur during the bus ride. lol

♥ Chiayi.


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