Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Just Too Free

I even provide PPS links below. lol.

A.I. movie
 This movie made me cry so much. =(
Another classic.

*thumbs up* like like like. "Way Back Into Love"

 I think I wrote about this movie before. We watched it at Lion's house last semester.

The Parent Trap movie
Favourite movie when I was young. :)

This movie is so good!
Jang Geun Suk is in the movie, Ah Ban! I know you are going watch it. ha!

Nice movie but I doubt you will like it if you don't watch Japanese movies. not sure. loll

Returner movie
Takeshi Kaneshiro is in the movie. I remember watching this movie long ago and I found it on PPS.
it's worth watching. :)

Super Junior's movie!
years ago when it came out, Fion and I were so hyped up.
I asked Lion and the rest to watch the other day but they don't want to. :(
Watch it if you like Super Junior ok? loll

Light comedy/romance drama. loll 

Started watching 90210 not long ago because I'm got nothing to do and friends said that it's nice. so yeah. halfway through. There's this Liam guy is 90210, handsomee! and Silver is really stunning.
I still prefer Gossip Girl tho. nicer clothes, nicer places, hot Nate, yeng Chuck and all. loll

♥ Chiayi.

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CooolKidz said...

eh watch the blind side.
sandra bullock one.

and also maybe Evan Almighty