Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roald Dahl

I constantly download ebooks from a forum. and search around for ebooks.
I never finish reading them because I got alot of ebooks. ALOT. approximately 407 ebooks now. HAHA. satisfied.
I can't read James Patterson too much because I will get nightmares eventually :( I love his books.
and I never get pass 10pages of Stephen King. -__- no idea why.

If you're looking for books with simple English and a bit adventure in it, I suggest the Percy Jackson series! woohooo! The movie is coming out on Feb 12!! awesome awesome.

and of course I like Chick Lit books. Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella etc. Don't tell me about Cecilia Ahern. lol.
Just finished reading Twenties Girl-Sophie Kinsella. It was quite boring at first but it was good. :) Moving on to L.A. Candy. I hope it's good.

Finally, ROALD DAHL! I came across his ebooks this morning and memories came back. <3333 His books are the best like seriously. Fion and I love his books. In primary school, both of us even buy his books and exchange. His short stories are awesomeee. always unexpected and you will be like o.m.g. lol!
I'm gonna force my sister to read his books I don't care.
He wrote Charlie and The Chocolate Factory just so you know. lol.
The Witches and Matilda are nice too!
It's amazing that he died before I was born but we still read his books. :D

I'm a happy girl now! more books to indulge in. wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~

by the way, some asked.
I don't use my computer to read ebooks unless I wanna pop my eyes out.
I use my PSP to read them. the application: bookr.
you can google it. :))
It's more convenient for me you see. lol and save money.

♥ Chiayi.


Jonathan Chong said...

i got the DOMINOZ buy one-free-one take away member card !
we shall eat dominoz every weekend now !

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

suddenly I think tiok Ahyang cannot eat. LOL.