Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird Work Day

Woke up super early and reached Queensbay.
I'm working til Sunday. replacing a friend. So I'm gonna work with ShunMu selling CNY stuff.
We were sitting there early in the morning waiting for the lorry which is suppose to bring out stock/tables/deco and everything. and guess what? the lorry said that he gonna arrive at 2pm.
That time, it was only 9 or 10am -___-
imagine. so I went home and went back at 1pm to have Kenny Rogers.


AND, the queue was so longg.. -__- ShunMu and I waited since you know, the lorry stil hasn't arrive.
I wonder the lorry driver fell asleep on the way or smth =="


Red shoes. Needa wear something red for Buy 1 Free 1 Quarter Meal at Kenny Rogers.
Finished eating. Went to Borders to wait for our lovely lorry driver -.-
Because we practically don't have a store. nothing.


Played played played. Until 4smth, 5pm. -___-
Imagine how long we sat there.
I found this book.
What Your Birthday Reveals About You-Phyllis Vega

Fion, this is yours. hmm. not so accurate but maybe you will turn into a person like that in future. lol
I can't wait. HAHA. click to enlarge.
Because, mine was so accurate for the present me,
but definitely not me last time. so yeah. you get what I mean.


We decided to go to ShunMu's friend's house because we got nothing to do and the lorry driver hasn't arrive.
Until 6smth in the evening, ShunMu called the supervisor and the supervisor asked us to go back.
We get half day pay. WOOOHOO.
imagine getting paid for playing psp, reading books? lmao
We had our dinner at Fisherman's Grill. Sungai Ara.
*thumbs up*!!
the service was superb. the waiter was so polite and nice!!
food was not bad.
We had dinner set. Drinks+Mushroom Soup+Unlimited Ice Cream just by adding RM6.
He kept on asking us to take more ice cream but I was so full already. zzz
Ate too much today and did nothing. -__-






if you're wondering where is that mysterious lorry, seriously I don't know. Maybe he drove into the Forest outside Camp Half-Blood accidentally and he's finding his way out. LOL. *ignore me. HAHA
Tomorrow, I will be waiting for ShunMu's wake-up call. not gonna wake early and wait for the lorry. :)

♥ Chiayi.


cr3ap said...

Wow, so good, half pay day without even working. :D Seems enjoying.
Your soups seems thick and tasty.

Regards from cr3ap

carlyn said...

LOL so lame! But same case like me last week. I went there at 11 and waited for my pump to arrive at 4 =.=
so bored there. Wei fri n sat we lunch m dinner together okay! Breeks staff meal 5 bucks only

Fion The Awesome said...

Haha pure gamdongness!!!
I wanted to find that book after you posted in twitter~~~
Thx a lot!! ^^

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

CARLYN: yeah sure! hahah i ate the staff meal before too. LOL. but wait. how can i prove that im staff? i no badge nothing. LOL

FION: love you!!! HAHa and change your profile pic please. heechul?!!!

carlyn said...

No badge? Got shirt or what or not

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

no. lol. wear normal clothes mia