Thursday, July 21, 2011

110712 Genting Highlands Part 2

Part 2! 

As some of my close friends know, I went to play alone. haha. It was a kind of fun experience. Who ever plays alone in Genting theme parks seriously? lol!
That is why I got so much free time to take so many pictures.
I talked to a few people from China too while we were on the Space Shot. lolll. It was my first time trying and I was surprised I wasn't scared at all. I even talked to her when we were at the top just about to have that free fall. lol lol.

I got a temporary tattoo just for fun. and I liked it. haha :D I don't mind having a permanent one but how do people decide on that tattoo design?! I don't think I will not get bored of the same design and definitely regret after that. haha. and,
Sorry, its either my camera is too sharp or my hand is too wrinkled. lol!!

The Beryl's chocolate shop.

while on the ferris wheel. hehe :)
Dinosaur Land closed.

 Best! Corkscrew! One of my favourite rides. I never dare give it a try until the previous Genting trip where ShinDee convinced me that it is less scary than the Cyclone. and it really is, Cyclone is scarier. So now, I have completed all the rides in Genting. LOL.

then I had lunch with daddy. Fried rice as usual. I almost can hear Alvin say "fried rice? again?" hahahha.

On my way going to the Flying Dragon. 
Which I sat twice. lol. Just to get to sit in front the second time. haha!
I took a video while I was on the Flying Dragon. uploaded it on my bestfriend's account.
How come the video looks slower than the actual ride. that explains the Dislikes :/ sorry Cle. LOL.

the Cyclone. less secure than the Corkscrew in a way. haha

everyone knows this is my favourite one! Spinner!
I love swings and this is like 10 times better. haha :D

I want this bear! tried one game but I'm not lucky at all :/

that's the end of this post! :) 
Happy you get to read some of my writings? hahhaha. it's rare I feel like writing. lol.
Till then =]

♥ Chiayi.