Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mei Tu Xiu Xiu 美图秀秀

LOL. okay so they were talking about this program. and I was like, nevermind lah. I always use Photoshop Actions.
Then just now, as an excuse, I was really distracting myself away from the assignment, I downloaded this and try it.
First I dyed my hair. as the first picture below. which you can actually do that using New Layer- Overlay. and paint it.
This is really easy in this Meituxiuxiu program but I dont like the lack of control over opacity in some things. and some effects like eyelashes cannot be erased part by part. but oh well. good enough.
I tried the remove dark eye circles thing but it's a bit too fake. lol. it's impossible that no dark eye circles effect will be on my eyes.  pure weird. lol.

 Actually, I think my old hair was this colour on the right 2 years ago. haha maybe slightly darker. but no way I'm gonna dye my hair again. spoiledd my hair quality :(

get it here:

only problem, you can't use this if you can't read chinese. lol. 

Okay, then there are so many filters. probably my favourite feature already. It's just like those photoshop actions, or instagram filters or whatever so many filters on the appstore now. It's cool! I like. more convenient than photoshop but less control over adjustments. Whatever sails your boat. haha. I like this program. I'm gonna test it on something else next time. like maybe objects. :D okay done procrastinating. back to assignment!

♥ Chiayi.

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I got use also~!!!!
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