Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feels like forever.

I wish my luggage comes back. It's gonna soon be a week that I'm here, my check in luggage did not arrive. and all the crap nonsense from the airlines. Briefly it was said that my luggage came in the next morning, but no one called me, and on the website it still shows my luggage is not there, I even called the airlines and it still say no. On the 3rd day, I called again and they told me it was collected by someone. I went to the airport and checked with them and really, according to them someone took it. 
Don't they check the bag tags and all before giving it away? and now I'm waiting for them to contact me as i ask them to ask the person who was working on that day and he won't come in to work until today. 
I refuse to believe all my things in the bag are gone. Imagine I packed for a 2month holiday trip. all my favourite clothes. 

and now, to make me look worse, my Canon 450d died. error 99 shown. help?
I tried every possible way on the Internet. I'm so dead. and COLD. 

I said I wanna say the stories at the airport but I guess that will have to wait. I just lost the mood. 
Someone died on my plane. interested? yeah. I will talk about that later. 

Kimchi fried rice at their uni's commons. I never finish the food ever since I'm here. 

Yay. met Charlie like finally. 

Went to Walden Galleria. Sorta like a big mall here with all kinds of brands. So gonna grab a Michael Kors watch soon. and Forever21 is mad cheap. madddd cheapppp. necklaces, rings, accessories $1.50 and above. 

With Eunice, Ian, Cha Nee and Wanling at Cheesecake Factory.
 I haven't try the cheesecake yet because I was too full after the food. 

Miso Salmon

Smoked Salmon Platter
(all the food eaten outside are expensive if you wanna compare with malaysia food. like seriously, most sim tia is food aren't worth it...)
This smoked salmon platter is more expensive than my jeans bought at F21. 

WanLing, ChaNee, Me!

Got a 90usd sweater at Abercrombie & Fitch. I love going there, the people working there are too handsome. x. 

forever21 mad prices.

yummy cookies from Walmart but I didnt know there's a resealable open for this cookies so yeah I opened it wrongly. but you know, even if you put cookies out in the open air without sealing it, the cookies won't become soft, it's still crunchy. 

♥ Chiayi

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