Saturday, December 03, 2011

111202 Chicken Chicken

In the process of making Baked Cheese Chicken, BY MYSELF!! this is gonna be like the first proper thing I ever cooked in my life, if you don't count sausages, ham, maggie mee.

And yeppp, I know how to cook rice dee. using the rice cooker lah :D heh.

OKAY OMG my chicken is doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anyhow before posting pics, I just gotta be proud of myself. HAHA.
I fried egg for the first time few days ago and it didnt go black or anything. awesome possum.
Sausage ham all also success.
the only fail one was rice cooked too sticky. but the next day I think I did quite well, with the rice. haha
Mum is happy. lol I'm on holidays and I learned to cook all these stuff. lol. basic lah I know but then, for first timers, it should be called for a celebration. trolololol! okay went too far with that, hee :P

firstly, I put two pieces of bread into the oven so they became crispy crispy. 

then chop the chicken into pieces.

put inside beaten egg.

bread done. then crush them into crumbs.

then put salt pepper into the crumbs. then coat chicken with it. 

put into oven.
while it's almost done, sprinkle cheese stripes on top for it to melt.

then wolla!!! 
My first ever dish in my life :D

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