Sunday, December 25, 2011

111209 My First Snow

Since it's Christmas, I shall update this, like finally. 
I should totally be a responsible blogger and blog like everyday, up to date. zz sorry. I dont know what I'm really doing everyday also. lol.
Anyhow, it's the first snow in my life. and lucky enough we made snowmen on that day itself because it did not snow that much anymore until now. crazy much. According tot them, this time last year, it was already snowing heavily.

I still remember that we know it's gonna snow the next day (weather forecast), so when I woke up, I received Eunice's text that it snowed! I texted Benny (the one who was so desperately waiting for snow). I ran out of the house and took photos before the people start cleaning the driveway. So look! I managed to get photos full of snow!

 We went over to ZhiYang's place to make snowmen. Kassim and happy snowman. they asked me to bring a carrot over. LOL.

 making a snowman is not as easy as you think. lol.


 Willie constructing his alien snowman out of nowhere.
 Ahze and ZhiYang

 Willie's alien.

 Willie and Clement

 walking back home.

okay now, I dont want snow anymore. it's too cold. lol.

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