Thursday, December 08, 2011

Airport disaster

In continuation from the previous post, these are from Narita airport at Tokyo. It was a really long flight I was almost dying but in comparison to the next flight, this is probably nothing. Anyhow, went to walk around since I have like few hours there. Bought Pocky and it tastes so freakingggg good. wanted to buy giant pocky but so expensive :S

So then, on my next flight, here comes the unbelievable story which leads to the continuation of unfortunate events. I was on my flight from Tokyo to Chicago and watched Planet for the Apes for like the third time I'm gonna throw up or something. Then suddenly, the air steward came to a guy in front of me. precisely, it should be the guy one row up and then on my left across the aisle so I can clearly see what's going on.
Apparently, this guy did not move for like quite some time, the Shia LaBeouf look-alike guy beside him informed the cabin crew.
So they tried shaking him but he just won't move, end up they dragged him across the aisle, yeah right past me, I was totally freaked, and then they tried all the rescues, and there were a few doctors on the plane who went and helped but still he's not responding.
I'm not sure if he was breathing or not but I heard something like, no breathing but there are pulses? such thing exists? no idea. lol.
Anyhow, the captain reported that we need to make an emergency landing at Edmonton, Canada airport. So the magical moment was, I see snow for the first time in my life there. lol. I practically get to stare at the snow for hours because we were delayed for hours at that airport.
They took the guy down from the plane almost immediately after four super handsome Canadian medical helpers came.

So then, why we were stuck?
Because the airport is a small airport which does not support Boeing 747 on regular basis, so you see, our plane can't move, can't turn around to fly. something like that, I have no knowledge about flying and planes. lol.

As a result, I wasnt able to catch my next flight to Buffalo. I was basically running at Chicago airport with the as hell heavy luggage. First entry point in United States, we have to take out our checked in luggage to pass custom and re-check in again. So, pass the immigration counter, they ask me questions blablabla, took my bag, ran to terminal shuttle, reached my terminal, everything was smooth until I looked at the board and realised I have only 15 minutes to catch the next connecting flight, and the queue so freaking long as my whole plane were delayed for their flight as well.

When I was at the counter, 1 minute was left till check in, I begged and tears almost came out, that was the last flight for the day. blablabla they got me in, ran to my gate and went on the plane, happy and all. Who knows that's gonna be the last time seeing my luggage....

So I reached Buffalo airport and felt relieved, so relieved. I was finding my way out when suddenly I heard someone said HEY. I didn't turn around of course, I wasn't even out of the terminal yet. I was expecting the you know, walk out of terminal, see my bestfriend, then go in tears that kind of drama scenario. but oh, actually no, it doesn't happen in real life.
As the person who said hey actually hit my shoulders, I look down and saw a pair of slippers. -___-
why cannot make my scenario more drama-like. lol.
First reaction was shocked and then oh. HOW DID U COME IN HERE. apparently, there's no such door, terminal means out deee. lol. who also can walk in. chehh.

then Xunxian, Cle and I went to the luggage area just to realise my bag did not come... that time, we thought it was just pure delay. and yep, it was, because of that rush in Chicago, I managed to get on plane but my bag did not. but in the end, bag mystery.

So yeah, thanks to Benny who donated me an extra toothbrush, Cle for all the clothes, the girls who went shopping with me for necessities and everyone like really T_T I was so emo I couldn't even enjoy myself. I brought all my favourite clothes over here and the new Longchamp tote bag. :'(  all gone. So, don't expect to see me in my favourite stripes shirt, my favourite checkered shirt or the plain tees I always wear. even my favourite jeans...

over the Chicago sky, best view ever, the photo did not do any justice.

So, let's say the man on the plane did not die, we did not emergency land, I won't have a hard time catching on the next connecting flight, my bag won't be delayed, my bag won't be lost.
Or let's say, I chose the Washington flight instead of Chicago... yeah, you never know what's gonna happen in life. So appreciate everything, including your favourite clothes T___T

Now, I have a total trauma of checking in my bag back to Malaysia. :(

♥ Chiayi.

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