Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Back to 17th of November

Let's go back in time. Here are photos from the day I left Penang.
My flight was Penang to Changi (Singapore) to Narita (Tokyo) to Chicago (USA) then Buffalo (USA).
So, I had to overnight at Changi airport, I didn't dare to sleep in case I miss the flight, it was a 9 hour overlay at the airport. Basically, I explored the terminal, I was at Terminal 3. So biggggg like seriously, probably the best airport ever. 

As most people know, my checked in luggage is gone until now.. yep, it's a new bag some more ahdsjfhakshsakg. the bag below. if you see it, call me. 
I will come to that lost luggage story later. 

Changi airport toilet. The only bag with me to United States for a two months vacation. EMO.

my midnight meal.
so expensive....

I settled here for few hours, talking to Kel, Jan, Cle. watched some youtube. lazying around until I got hungry. 
This place is located somewhere near the Butterfly Garden.

TV area.

all the shops.

After I got my burger, this was practically the spot I stayed the whole night long. It was so tough, I'm like literally a pig who sleeps like nobody's business all the time, trying to stay awake. 
Thank god during the toughest hour 4am-5am, Jon and the rest of the UK people including Andrew, Masterchef EngWooi and Karen. (too bad ChunYang wasn't there) video called me while they were eating. It was so fun with them I forgot my sleepiness. 

Then, yep, proceed to my next flight to Tokyo Narita airport. 
Sitting in the plane for so long is like the worst thing ever. and probably none of you ever experienced what I experienced on the Narita-Chicago flight. 
I'm gonna tell you the story in the next post. 

♥ Chiayi.

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