Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nine West Boots

I must dedicate one post to this awesome pair of boots. I have always wanted something like this but it wouldn't be worth it if I get a pair of UGGS and I'm only here for like 2 months. lol. 
So I was on the move looking for cheap boots like this. 
They have them at Walmart, Old Navy for around 15usd but I didn't get them because they look so nua nua. lol 

Then, went to Outlet with Cha Nee, WanLing, Eugene and Ian the other day. I walked past Nine West and thought okay, let's see how expensive their shoes are. 
So then, I spotted this. labelled $19.90 before tax. I'm like asdghdjhjghajsh.

Went to the counter to pay, they charge me for $18, I'm like :OOOO
They always do that, like you know, discount at checkout. seriously weiii. 
It's like they deducted 2 dollars and charged me with local tax only. ahhh. omg.

Happy until today. Have been wearing it to uni, here and there. wheee :D

♥ Chiayi.

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