Monday, January 09, 2012

120105 Niagara Falls

Went to Niagara Falls with them. so colddd. but it was a happy day!
like old days in Penang when it's just us and Jan hanging out, chillin together <3
It was my second time at Niagara Falls, the first time was with Vivian, Ian, Eunice, Eugene, ChaNee and KarlWei and a few more people I think.
And it was night time so I was literally frozen like omg. Can't even stand still for a minute.
This time, it was better but cold too :3
I can only imagine how stunning and awesome this place will be during summer!

it was a day before Alvin's birthday. happy 21st birthday Alvin!


haha so cute!

to tag Jan and Kel. haha

Canada on the other side.

ice. not snow. coz it's way colddd.

look at Mr.Creepy behind

Cle and Alv

stunning view!

the Canada side.

the observatory deck


<3 <3 <3!

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