Saturday, January 28, 2012

120115-120116 With Helena

I got back from the States and met up with Helena immediately of course! We went for Hai Boey seafood with my family. Tasted so good. :D 
She's really one of those sincere friends I appreciate :) 



singapore beehoon


char hor fun!

the beautiful scenery

Helena super excited!

my sister

the following day, which was Helena's last day in Malaysia, Jan and I went to Queensbay for dinner where Helena, Benny and Lavonne were there too.

their eye thing. 

chinese new year decorations!

hahah kungfu panda!!!
Lavonne is so pretty!

end this post with their eyes. 0.0


GenYong said...

Wow Hai Boey seafood nice? Hmm... there still got one new restaurant opened called Khun Thai! hahaha... next time go there and see! =) Happy CNY!

Raphael said...

been a silent follower for over a year and more by now but nevr bothered commenting evn if i LOVE reading ur blog.

but that eye-thing of your frnds made me have to comment!