Wednesday, January 18, 2012


HOT HOT HOT. omg super hot ahhh.
It's like you go from realfeel -15c to realfeel 45c. how to NOT go crazy?! T___T

I just realised I haven't update on my New York City trip... and actually there are still a lot of photos. but give me some time.
Have been going out everyday since I came back. so tired. jetlag and all.
Can't wait to go out with more people. Please ask me out, call me out. I just want to fully enjoy this holiday..

btw, that day I bought a mascara for my sister from Wegmans for 5usd.

this one, then I went to Guardian in Queensbay and saw them selling for RM39.90 -__- and it's new release. lmao. my friend was right, he said when I come back Penang, this might just be something new.

I'm gonna pick up the blogging mood soon okay. so stay tuned for my photo spam. :)

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