Sunday, January 15, 2012


Currently at Changi Singapore Airport. Sitting at the same corner where I sat when I came.
So this is how it feels, back to reality, holidays are overrrr.

When I was on the Chicago-Narita,Tokyo flight, torturing much. 12 hours. but the food was way better than before. the brownie was so niceee.
The Narita-Changi flight was even better!! Empty seat beside me so I actually have two seats to myself :D slept well so I'm not really sleepy now, but really tired, and hot. crap. I had to change into shorts and tee. Sudden weather change thats why.
When I left buffalo, it started snowing again. it was so dangerous. XunXian had to drive me in the freaking crazy snow to the airport and my flight got delayed for an hour.
I wish I get to see the super thick snow before I leave. Apparently, it's way thicker now. lol.

oh well, buckle up. back to the hot hot summer country. weirdly, I really miss doing laundry. lmao.

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