Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Pics

this was when Alvin and Cle decided to make pizza on Alvin's birthday. haha
look at all the sausages ham and cheese. loll. it was nice :D

covered in cheese again. haha

the end product. pizzaaaa.

mashed potatoes.

hee my new tshirt I bought. I gotta buy it coz the domokun is exactly the same as my keychain!

look at pink domo!!

wonderful weatherrr!

at Boulevard Mall. my last shopping. heh.

Alvin's birthday!

destroyed cake. lol.

domo domo family.

look at the pretty sky!

we went for buffet at Senega Casino near Niagara Falls for Alvin's birthday. the pics I will post in probably the next few posts. 

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