Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Everyday, I sit here looking at the passing by FedEx white truck, later on the black cool looking UPS truck, looking at the trees blown by the wind through the balcony panel doors. Then till it's 4-ish,5pm, the sky turns dark. oh wait, these few days, there's this brown sweater guy riding bicycle out everyday around 3pm. neighbour I guess. never fail to see him.

When there's snow, the ground turns white and slowly melting away, it's green green grasses now. I think I like it more this way.
I really wonder when I'm gone, will anyone here feel any different, like the girl who talks too much is gone, the girl who shops too much is gone, the girl who eats biscuits and buys ice cream all the time is gone.
Being here for so long made me forget that I actually still have to go to college, I'm still in the middle of my double major degree, and I'm going back to the lonely days where I probably wont even literally talk to a friend for a whole week. lol.

Anyhow, really blessed to have this vacation and all the money my parents spent for me to come here.
I finally got over the fact that my luggage is gonna be lost forever and the things in there..

and, I even shocked myself when I packed my luggage last night because I came empty handed and now my 29inch luggage is full and I'm not done packing yet....
I really don't know how I bought so many clothes I swear. lol.
I think I have so many Abercrombie clothes I lost count, as I said, I never leave the shop empty handed, not even once -_________- sometimes, not because it's too cheap, it's just.. no idea wei. this shop is jinxed.
the Abercrombie fragrance once you step into the shop jinx people for real.
and Hollister is so so so comparatively cheap. so yeah..
When I'm back in Penang, I will definitely have a good count on how many things I bought and probably post some cute stuff up here, if you are interested. lol.

Wait, how did my slightly emotional post became shopping talk. lmao.

okay, so, I'm leaving this Friday and reaching Penang on Sunday. I miss the food and my bed, and probably the hot weather. :D

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