Monday, February 13, 2012

120117 Lion's Birthday

listening to nanquanmama 南拳妈妈 's songs while writing this post.
their songs are the best no matter how old the songs are.
and my throat hurts like madddd. I think it never fully recovered since a month plus ago. :/ 
okay here comes. It was Lion's 21st birthday. She's my classmate and oh god, it started to hit all of us that we are 21 this year. crap. age is a sensitive issue now. lol. 
I didn't post all the pics here since I posted all on my Facebook already. 

I have a new resolution which is to add more writings and words to my blog posts. 
so, I remember I was still experiencing the crappy jet lag but still somehow managed to drag myself to Ingolf  Kneipe at Tanjung Bungah. 

Carlyn and I, in blue.

the three angpaos; ZhongYang, LayKiew and John in red. hahah we made them pose like this! lmao!
we had really fun talking and all, sharing, listening experiences from different countries. haha.

Lion's birthday cake. it't not cheap.
and in case anyone is planning a birthday surprise for me this year. don't get me fancy cakes, I want delicious ones instead. (hanaaa, I'm just saying.. T__T most best friends/close friends all went to far far away countries already, who's gonna surprise me :/ )

Lion and ShunMu

and her sister and friends.

with us.

and Karen in UK.

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