Wednesday, February 08, 2012


No idea what to title my blog posts anymore. lol. I just recalled I have all these photos which I haven't post up to my blog so here they come. 
Sorry about the non-chronological order of my posts -__-
if dates matter to you, refer to the title, I always leave the date there. lol.

So this was the day we went to INTI to take our free RM200 book voucher and went to Queensbay after that. Mum came to meet me up during the evening. 

LayKiew and Carlyn

Nandos! favourite fooddd!

with my Kenneth Cole watch :P

the day I realised that Mango Red Tea actually tastes better than Mango Green Tea. 50% sugar. 
and if you like, no ice is actually better, not so cold and more to drink. haha

my Nike Air Prestige III. 

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