Tuesday, February 14, 2012

120130 ShunMu's birthday

It was ShunMu's birthday. I make two birthday posts in a row for both of them since bf/gf, nevermind lah! haha. 
ShunMu was so kind and generous to treat us on his birthday. that's rare. oops :P 

so, no introduction needed, they are my classmates. 
proceed to the food photos.

I'm really one of those super lazy bloggers who don't bother to write the names of food underneath... :/

LayKiew and I

LayKiew's ipod.

Lion's Viva Case. 

Carlyn's korean style casing. 
all showing off theirs. haha

ShunMu's cake. it was really nice but I was too full.

hahaha. LayKiew failed in cutting the cake. okay not her fault honestly, this kind of cakes are so hard to be cut. 

the boss and us.

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