Tuesday, February 28, 2012

120210 Kai Ko 柯震东

I didn't blog about these because I thought I would want the extra time to filter the photos I took of him, and edit and post, but then I don't care anymoreee. I have a folder full of his photos and if you love him that much, give me your email and I will send you. LOL

So obligatory post, here are some of his pics.
at Ping's blog. 

my sis and I were there quite early, and there were only like 2 rows max at the time. We were hesitating whether to stand and wait or walk around first. but in the end we stood and waited. 
so yeah there goes our legs. He came out at 7-ish to adjust mic and stuff and disappeared. 
I think I prefer his checkered shirt seriously. lol!

then at 9smth, he came out, we waited for so long. almost died. 
luckily his hair was done. if not, what for disappear so long?!

He is well, good looking I guess, but not all angles? Im not sure. lol. 
my heart did not beat fast like how when I saw LeeHom and Super Junior. LOL. 

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